June 29, 2009


 Sorry I haven’t been posting to you in a very long time, I got so caught up in my school work which can keep you very busy especially if your doing exams. I am back and I have another blog which I have advertised on the advertisement page.




Party Rehab

Party Rehab is a blog where there ‘will’ be videos of different crazy stunts that I will be performing and that will be later in July. There is also music on that blog but not on this blog because WordPress does not work with Project Playlist. That’s all for the introduction.



Ad Page

May 18, 2009


 Advertisements are important in a business or websites. We will advertise either for just the cost of an e-mail. Go to The Advertisement page to get information.

The new dig.

May 18, 2009

Craver has a new theme.

 Everything you CRAVE!

 I have a new weblog and it is one of my other main sites. http://rabbitsareevil.wordpress.com

 It’s all about the power of music and we use that to rule the world before the rabbits do.